Julie Stoian – Funnel Gorgeous Bundle + Offer Cure, Funnel RX Download

Julie Stoian and Cathy Olson – Funnel Gorgeous Bundle + Offer Cure, Funnel RX Download

All The Frequently Asked Questions We Know You’re Going To Ask

Do you teach funnel setup and strategy in this course?

This is not currently a comprehensive how-to for Clickfunnels or funnel strategy.  However, we are considering adding some to the course, and all enrolled students will have access to those updates as they are released. FunnelGorgeous® is your nitro-design-add-on that will rapidly accelerate your profits on your funnel. This course assumes you have funnels currently, or at least have resources for funnel setup (like any of the ClickFunnels resources).

Do you teach copy in this course?

Nope.  Again, we’re not currently teaching this as FunnelGorgeous® focuses EXCLUSIVELY on design (something that often gets tossed aside in the discussion of strategy…which is why we’re bringing it BACK). What we will do is show you how to make your copy SING through design. BUT, we do have plans to add copy resources in the future.

Do I need any tools for this course?

We both recommend ClickFunnels. All the material will be assuming you use ClickFunnels, but of course, you can take the concepts and apply them to ANY drag & drop editor you wish! You also would benefit for Photoshop, but it is NOT a requirement. You can do most of the design without any image editor at all because of our design pack!

Can I use these designs on my website?

If you’re looking for a design course for web development, Cathy has two courses that help with that: Web Designer for a Day (for the average user) or The Inspired Pro – for people who want to learn higher end web design. FunnelGorgeous® is exclusively for funnels.

Do you have a Facebook Group for this course?

At $297, supporting a Facebook group is what we had to chop off the block to keep the course affordable.

Will you be releasing more beauty add-on packs?

Yes! These are called Funnel Drops. The Funnel Drop is a premium Funnel Design that releases each month, for a few days only, so stay tuned for when those drop!

Good Funnel Design Becomes So Much Easier When You Understand The Concept Of Storyblocking™.

Storyblocking is what we do, and what we’re going to teach you how to do too!

Storyblocking is the art of creating a STORY with your copy and your design. It’s not as hard as it sounds.

In fact, the copy for your funnels will dictate your design so you don’t have to be some magic design genius to think up something super original (Did your head just explode?)!

You don’t have to be a crazy amazing designer.

You can use simple drag-and-drop editors like ClickFunnels and get a unique look.

Your design can accentuate your story, allowing you to charge more and earn more!

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