Kevin Rogers – Real Free Life Coaching Program

Kevin Rogers – Real Free Life Coaching Program

It’s Time To Uncover Your True Specialty and Become A Sought-After Expert In Your Industry

Kevin Rogers – Real Free Life Coaching Program


What If You Had A Proven System To Get Better Clients, At Higher Rates, And A Steady Flow of Leads Coming To YOU Instead Of The Other Way Around?

Have You Ever Wondered Why Some Freelancers Are Flooded With Leads, Get Paid Higher Rates, and Earn MORE While Working Less Hours…
… While Others Struggle With Low Pay, Lousy Clients, and
Constant Imposter Syndrome?
Right now, hundreds of businesses are moving online and hiring remote freelancers. That means there’s more opportunity for freelance copywriters than ever before.

If you look closely, the freelancers who are flourishing all have one thing in common – a true specialty that’s based on their unique Copywriting DNA and makes them an expert in their industry.

There’s never been a more important time to become known as a specialist in our fields than right now.

Yet, many freelancers are still afraid of specializing because they worry it will limit their options…

But after a decade of training freelancers, I can tell you with complete confidence that the opposite is true.

When people ask me to recommend a copywriter to them, which is almost daily, they’ve never once said…

“Kev, who would you recommend to write me some super basic copy? Ya know, just something to fill the white space on a web page. One step above lorem ipsum is all I need. Got anyone like that?”

You know why? Because they don’t need me to recommend that person, there are entire job sites full of people who’ll do it for a fiver 🙂

What they DO ask me for is a copywriter “who specializes in things like…

Facebook ad copy… email sales sequences… storytelling… webinar scripts… cold traffic funnels… YouTube scripts… dialogue driven copy… humor writing…”

And when they do, I instinctively scroll through my mental Rolodex and come up with two or three names on the spot.

Those kinds of connections are far more likely to turn into paid gigs because…

… when a client is looking for a specialist, it means they know exactly what they need, why they need it, and what that skill is worth to their business.
For the specialist freelancer, there’s none of the B.S. involved with chasing prospects down or having to work to close the deal. Clients are excited to meet you and ready to get going.

And in every case I see, specialist freelancers have it far better than generalists. That’s because when you specialize the right way, you…
  • Get paid higher rates by better clients who seek you out as the go-to industry expert
  • Grow bigger lists, multiple revenue streams, and have complete control over your income
  • Have clients coming to YOU instead of the other way around
  • Write less and consult more (that sweet “hang up and you’re done” money!)
  • Grow faster because you focus better
  • ​Are constantly asked to speak on more stages and podcasts
  • ​Have less competition and more opportunities coming your way
  • ​Have the freedom to call the shots in your career – choosing who you work with, how you structure your deals, and how much you get paid for the work you do.
But what most expert specialists won’t tell you, is that
“picking a niche” isn’t enough
You’ve got to be widely known as the “go to” specialist in your market. 
For one thing, you’ve got to find your true specialty based on your unique Copywriting DNA
– a careful balance of your passion and ideal lifestyle that builds upon all the previous work, experience, and accomplishments you’ve already achieved in life.
And once you’ve found your true specialty, you can’t just hope that the right people will find you.
If you want to command higher rates, work on projects you’re passionate about, become a respected authority in your niche, and have complete control over your income and career…

Only then will potential clients, partners, and referrals seek YOU out, instead of the other way around.

The challenge is, these days it seems like everyone and their dog is spouting promises that they’ll help you specialize and get better clients – simply because you join their high-ticket mastermind.

But most of these programs just spit out carbon-copies of the coach and graduates end up looking much the same.

The problem is, when you’re entering highly competitive markets (where true careers are really launched), being too similar to “all the other specialists” is no better than being a generalist in the first place!

After all, if you listen to the intro of any guest on a podcast. You will never hear the host say…

“I’m very excited about today’s guest, she’s a run-of-the-mill generalist in the field of…”

Besides, many of these programs don’t teach the skills needed to truly build a freelance business that gives you complete control over your income and how you work.

Even if you join a decent mastermind to get leads, building a true “freedom business” requires “learning to fish” for yourself.

Only then can you thrive when the hand-fed leads dry up.

This means getting the right people to seek YOU out because you’re widely known as the go-to expert.

And the fastest way to do that is to uncover your true speciality.

The one that’s centered around what you love and are confident in. The one that’s completely supported by your unique Copywriting DNA that makes you the best YOU. The one that helps you stand out from everyone else out there.
Only then will it feel natural to build your authority, and confidently OWN it.

After spending 10 years as a freelance copywriter, I’ve made every mistake on the way to success.

I wanted to help other freelancers avoid making those same painful mistakes, so I created a proven system for finding and using your true specialty. Now my system has helped thousands of freelancers become the go-to specialist in their field.

It’s a step-by-step playbook that shows you how to:

  • Uncover your TRUE specialty based on what you love so it feels natural to build your reputation and authority in a way that beats back imposter syndrome
  • Build and sell your own offers that inject quick cash flow into your business…
  • Grow your own list so you have the freedom to structure your business around your ideal lifestyle…
  • Crisis-proof your business so you can quickly pivot your offers and messaging when massive events cause shifts in the way companies do business…
  • ​Have complete control over your reputation and lead flow by becoming “niche famous” as the go-to authority in your industry…
  • ​Learn how to vet leads and projects so you command higher rates, attract profitable partnerships, and protect yourself from overcommitting to bad clients who burn you out without moving you forward.
When You Go Beyond “Choosing a Niche” and
Truly  Specialize, the Big Wins Come Easy
With the overwhelming abundance of clients looking to hire freelancers right now…

If you’re not feeling the twist of joy from being a copywriter in today’s world – it’s time to fix this.

Because there’s more opportunities than ever before, and if you’re feeling scared and disempowered, it’s probably because you’re not a true specialist.

Now is the time to say “no more” and find your true specialty so you feel empowered to take complete control of your income and your business.

For example, this is my Real Free Life Supergroup – my high-level personal training mastermind made up of a tight-knit group of 6-10 superstar freelancers who I give my personal attention to:

You’ll see that each and every one of their specialities is clearly defined, and they have complete confidence in their expertise.

If you don’t feel this confident in your skills, your authority, and your speciality…

If high-quality clients aren’t seeking you out and happily pay you great rates for your expertise…

I can help you fix that.

In this training program, I show my students how to:

Attract high-quality clients, who pay what you’re worth… and never take advantage of your “niceness”, strong work ethic, or habit of accidentally undercharging.
Take charge of client negotiations and prospect calls… “adult in the room” conversations that would make John Carlton proud.
Quickly become a recognized authority in your niche, without waiting for permission from someone smarter, wiser, older, or more expensive.
Create a marketing plan and lead-flow strategy that works for you, so you can have a full roster of clients eager to pay high prices and stop living “gig to gig” on a wing and a prayer.
Discover your true specialty that gets you noticed, remembered, booked, and paid… FAST.
Get “Live Mic Ready” so that you shine confidently in every opportunity to deliver value and raise your authority on podcasts, webinars, even live stages.
Protect yourself from being “taken advantage of”: fees, deadlines, and that nasty, insidious Scope Creep. (If you’ve ever had a job that mushroomed out of control, you know what I’m talking about.)
Design your work around your lifestyle, NOT the other way around. (If you’re asking, “What lifestyle? All I do is work,” you’re not alone. But it doesn’t have to be that way forever.)
Let me tell you, training these freelancers has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my 20-year-long career in marketing.

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