Robert Allen – Ultimate Freelance Freedom Bundle

Robert Allen – Ultimate Freelance Freedom Bundle

Robert Allen – Ultimate Freelance Freedom Bundle

What You Get:

30 Days to $9K

A new challenge, showing you:

  • How to land high-paying clients
  • Write converting copy
  • And make a living writing online

In just 30 days.

No fluff, just a simple process that works

Many freelancers struggle to grow their businesses. They say, “getting clients is hard!” and “client work is the worst.” Not me. Over years, my copywriting business has only continued to grow beyond 6 figures. Not because I’m smart. But because of a simple system I developed for getting clients and getting paid.

A “top secret” 346-page document with all the copywriting leads you could ever need

Magnetic Upwork Scripts

– 3 battle-tested Upwork client-getting scripts
– A video walkthrough of why the scripts work and how to adapt them to gigs you want to apply for
– PLUS, unlimited proposal reviews for two weeks

Special Report

Get 3 REAL proposal scripts, proven to get clients

Earlier this year, I dropped everything I was doing to put my client-getting skills to the test.

I started over from scratch, pretended to be a TOTAL newbie, and attempted to build a new freelance copywriting business from the ground up.

To build this business, I used and the two most popular methods of getting clients:

1. Cold Email.


2. Upwork.

Yes, I got on Upwork!

And I shared everything I learned the whole time.

The ups & downs.

The pros & cons.

And the actual scripts I used to land clients in real time!

I figured if it was useful to me it might help at least one person following along.

And I shared these things, the most amazing thing started to happen…


At first, it was just a trickle of people that would email me about it…

But as the challenge went on, the flood gates opened up and the results stacked up!

30 powerful secrets for growing your freelance business, increasing your rates, campaign ideas and more

The Freelance Copywriting Summit

Join 20+ World-Class Copywriters, Marketers, Agency Owners, and Email Experts As They Share Their Best Kept Secrets For…

  • Attracting Quality Clients
  • Delivering High-Value Services
  • Writing Control-Shattering Copy
  • Commanding Top Fees
  • And More…

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